Welcome to the mad journeys, discoveries and trips, of Jazz and his friends.


I was born in a narrowboat in London, so my life was never meant to be one of an ordinary dog. I grew up with cats, often on the deck, often on the move. The voyages of my friends lead me to see wonderful places, but I have better things to do than to write them down, so I’m going back to play with my ball, and let them deal with the storytelling.


A family from different countries, a childhood full of relocations, changes and discoveries, a life on the move without real roots. A day-to-day mingled with travels, organically drifting to nomadism. Enjoying the journey, pushing the boundaries, keeping on, making every moment count for itself.


A French National with a Persian first name and a Ukrainian family name, I’m sharing my life with a Franco-Greek man in England. I think this sums up my essence:  from here and elsewhere, I go where my steps guide me, enjoying the trip…