It all started with a hardly realistic suggestion as is usual in such cases. Life in London was taking its toll on us, working long hours in a tented room felt like being in jail for me, the narrowboat felt confined for Roxy, even the pets were a burden at times, and we were struggling to enjoy the little free time that was left. We needed a break, needed to escape.
So how about a road trip all the way to Greece and staying there for 3 months?
Lloyd's Building London City


Initially it sounded a bit foolish but then the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. There had been talks about eventually moving to Greece in the […]

Jazz at La Baule beach

Winter holidays France crossing

The 21st of December arrived very quickly. In the last week we had rejected the idea of going through Albania and ex-Yugoslavia because of complexities with insurance, the state of […]

Aiguille de Varan

Annemasse to Liguria

We do manage to wake up at 7am! This might sound absurd written like that, but one of our issues in London was finding the will to wake up. Therefore, […]

Manarola panoramic view

Liguria to Tuscany

Opening my eyes on that second day is easier than the previous morning. Upon opening the blinds, the views we hadn’t been able to admire the previous night spring up. […]


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