I’ve always been dreaming of a nomadic lifestyle, when I was a little girl I wanted to tour France riding a horse and live for a month in every city around the country… then while growing up I gave up on the idea of horse-riding but my wish to see the country grew to become a quest to see the world. Time however brings obligations, and dreams, as well as passions, get lost, forgotten, slowly fading away. So, one day, Greg suggested a road trip. Not a holiday, but instead a few months working remotely, while travelling, discovering, visiting friends, our families, those that are always too far or hardly available. I felt like this dream, that looked so easy and obvious through the innocent eyes of a child might actually be possible.

Greg and I met while we were already rootless, living and working in a country that we couldn’t call our own, it was more of a professional choice than a whole-hearted one. This became rather depressing over the long term. When the opportunity arose, we didn’t hesitate, we moved to another country, changed our plans, started living a new adventure from scratch, a new whimsy. We thought to ourselves once more that life is short and that we can discover new cities, new countries, new cultures with which we can relate better, that we can keep on searching for this place that we’ll want to call our “home sweet home”. But time flies, 2 years went by (so quickly!) and this frustrating sensation appeared, whatever we did we couldn’t manage to enjoy. Hence we started spending more time away from our renovation work, went out more, planned some more trips. But the budget was shrinking, and we ended up having to restrain ourselves. A vicious circle.

For this road-trip we had to plan quite a bit in advance, think about logistics, budget, dates, the availability of the kind people that could accommodate Greg, myself and Jazz; because indeed, our little four-legged companion will follow us everywhere, as far as it is feasible. We had to think of what travelling with a dog implies. Loads of preparation, some stress, but being able to experiment a nomad life has no price other than liberty, being able to make a life philosophy – that I always valued but thought was crazy and unrealistic – come true. So yeah, we’re no mad, we simply want to make the most out of what life has to offer!

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